Friday, November 19, 2010


Ok, getting better it's only been 3 months! Oh my I really do need to be more faithful to my blog. I am so good at reading blogs, just not so good at posting on mine! November is my busy month for sure. For most it's probably December, and don't get me wrong that's a busy month to, but November takes the cake. Three of my four children were born in November. Then of course there is Thanksgiving, usually hosted at our house. Which I love, I love to host things, if I had a bigger house and, well just a bigger house, I would host ALL the time!! So we had family birthdays for my girls and then an everyone party for Landon's first birthday. I was in such a whirlwind for the first two weeks of this month I'm surprised I never forgot anyone anywhere! Of course now I am paying for the business, we all have colds. Hopefully we will be back to ourselves next week in time to have Thanksgiving dinner. It will be a hard Thanksgiving this year. All of Shawn's family will be there with the knowledge that this may be the last Thanksgiving we have with his Dad. His condition has worsened considerably. I think that after this holiday everyone will realize just how sick he really is. We are the only ones that live close so we have been able to see more of a gradual decline in his health and appearance but everyone else only sees him once in awhile so it's shocking to see this once robust, active and strong man so weak, frail and sickly. It is breaking my husbands heart, it is breaking my heart, but I know that one day soon God will heal his body, whether here on earth in this life or home to heaven for the next I know he will heal him and free him from his suffering. I only pray that God brings the family peace, and acceptance when that time comes.